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Refrigeration/ supplement  The disadvantages of a leaky
      Air conditioning

                        commercial fridge seal

          This article first appeared on Just Fridge
                            One of the most important things you can do for your fridges is to keep
                                                 the gaskets in good shape.

                     ince moving warm air   compressor to work more than it
                     out of the cabinet and   should – and thus wear out quicker.
                     keeping it out is pretty   The overuse of the compressor          Because food is
                     much the definition of   leads to energy wastage.                not being cooled
          Swhat a fridge does,                                                         properly, it can
          you can understand why working    Water will also condense on the
          seals are so important. But what   interior of the fridge. If it is the     start to spoil more
          actually happens when seals break,   freezer compartment that has             quickly than it
          crack or get old? Here are the main   broken seals, ice will start to form   normally would
          disadvantages of leaky fridge seals.  even though the freezer is meant to
                                            be frostless.
          Air is the key
          When the gaskets on your fridge   Because food is not being cooled   compressor, water condensation in
          doors crack, dry out or are       properly, it can start to spoil more   the fridge and frost in the freezer
          otherwise damaged, they lose      quickly than it normally would.    compartment, spoiled food and
          the ability to keep the interior of                                  electricity wastage. All of these
          the fridge airtight. Warm air is,   Closing thoughts                 expensive problems are easily
          therefore, able to seep into the   So, to summarise, the main        avoided by simply checking and
          fridge. This increases the interior   disadvantages of a leaky       repairing or replacing the gaskets
          temperature and causes the        fridge seal are an overworked      on your fridge doors.
                Metraclark and Emerson continue

                               exclusive agreement

          This article first appeared on Metraclark website
                    As Emerson continues to provide top line solutions for the refrigeration and air conditioning
                    industry through cost effective and optimised technologies, we are happy to announce that
                     we, Metraclark, have just extended the agreement of our 14-year-old partnership for an
                                                     additional two years.

                       etraclark and        exclusive partner for some
                       Emerson have         of Emerson’s most trusted
                       established a        brands and solutions in South
                       strong reputation    Africa, supported through
          Mof trustworthiness               Metraclark’s established
          and customer-focus, and we are    distribution network of 24
          pleased to continue to offer the   branches across Southern
          latest Emerson technologies for our   Africa.
          customers and partners and make
          sure they stay well ahead.        This partnership enables us to     customer focus and support,
                                            remain the most trusted distributor   product availability and continuous
          Metraclark will remain the        in the market through unparalleled   adoption of latest technologies.
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