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Refrigeration/ supplement  What’s inside?
      Air conditioning

                       Efficiency is vital when it comes to improvement; if it’s not more efficient than its
                    predecessor, then one can certainly cannot claim product enhancements. Productivity is
                  how ebm-papst runs, it is their culture, and being a German company, we all know that for
                                             the Germans, efficiency is critical.

          So, what is productivity?

          Is it becoming more green (requiring
          less power), or more technologically

          For ebm-papst, it has to be both.
          Their fan wall technology, which
          is widely used by many large
          commercial retail sites amongst
          other industries, has built-in
          diagnostics and reporting systems
          that allow the operations manager
          to view the entire fan system
          performance, remotely.
                                                                                                 There are a wide
          The benefit of such a system is                                                     variety of fans that are
          that if one unit happens to fail the                                                available at ebm-papst
          rest speed up to compensate and
          when a technician gets dispatched
          in order to repair the system,    that meet every customer’s         Town, Port Elizabeth, and Durban.
          he is already aware of a full fan   requirements, continuously.      They currently have sale distributors
          diagnostic report.                They also focus on building a      who work within South African
                                            long-lasting relationship with     borders as well as sub-Saharan
          Now that is efficient, in the fact that   their customers by working with   Africa. Various refrigeration,
          not only is the product non-resource   them thoroughly from the project   electrical, and air condition
          hungry, but it allows the technician   management stage to after-sale   wholesalers are also placed all over
          to be more “productive.”          service, ensuring that they are all   Southern Africa.
                                            well taken care of and satisfied with
          That’s much mention of the word   both the service and the products.   Experience ebm-papst,
          efficient, but what has that got to do                               experience high tech
          with refrigeration. Well, everything,   ebm-papst South Africa National   With more than 650 qualified
          if you know “what’s inside” is an   Sales Director Steven Friedmann   engineers and developers at
          ebm-papst product, then that unit   says, “ We seek to have an       the German branch consistently
          will not only be the mark of quality   honest and open relationship with   producing state-of-the-art
          but will also be state of the art.  our customers, one based on      technology, ebm-papst prides
                                            partnership. Our company policy    itself on being the world leader
          ebm-papst South Africa            focuses on the customer and his/   in innovative technology. They
          The first subsidiary of ebm-papst   her needs and specifications.    develop highly efficient EC
          was established in Sweden in 1972,                                   innovative motor technology ideal
          producing some of the world’s best   ebm-papst South Africa is a proud   for diverse applications, with energy
          fans, blowers, and pumps. They    distributor and supplier of some of   savings up to 80% compared to
          now have offices in Germany,      the world’s most extensive range   conventional AC technology.
          Europe, Asia, Oceania, America,   of fans and motors into the African
          and Africa. ebm-papst aims to     market, and they have regional     Continually accessing and
          distribute high-quality products   offices in Johannesburg, Cape     monitoring their energy usage to
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