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                                                           SA                                              Air conditioning

          Continued from the previous page                                                                supplement
                                                                              power steering drives, drives for
                                                                              clutch actuators, and various pumps
                                                                              in the area of the gearbox lubrication
                                                                              and exhaust gas treatment.

                                                                              Motors come in three variations; AC
                                                                              (As capacitor), DC (mechanically
                                                                              commutated direct current), and EC
                                                                              (electronically commutated) motors.

                                                                              Tangential blowers are ideal for
                                                                              oven cooling, thermal storage
                                                                              heaters, wood-burning stoves, floor
                                                                              convectors, air curtains, climate
                                                                              control systems, and heating
                                                                              units. They have high airflow and
                                                                              outstanding noise characteristics.

                                                                              With a flat design and low back
                                                                              pressure, these blowers will
              ebm-papst South Africa
          distributes fans and motors of its                                  ensure that whatever appliance it's
           German parent company to the                                       operating in runs at full speed for
               South African market
                                                                              maximum efficiency of production.
                                                                              The ebm-papst sales team is
          reduce any negative impact on the   The ebm-papst product range for  always there to ensure that you still
          environment at large, ebm-papst   the African market includes:      get the right product for whichever
          is fully committed to reducing   Fans                               application you may need.
          negative environmental impact    These fans are space-saving,
          and continuously improve the     have a low noise level and small   Further, ebm-papst believes that
          environmental performance of their   installation, exceptional efficiency,   when products, people, machines,
          company.                         but most importantly save up to    and software work together
                                           27% energy. They are available in   efficiently and productively, energy
          Also, they continually promote   both EC and AC technology, have    efficiency improves – and that is a
          ecological awareness amongst the   high reliability and service life. A   particular concern of ebm-papst.
          staff and have made this part of   wide range of accessories such as
          their corporate philosophy.      guard grilles and wall rings are also   “ebm-papst has the ideal solution
                                           available.                         for virtually all air technology and
          When it comes to their products,                                    drive engineering tasks, we believe
          ebm-papst offers flexible solutions   These fans are found in ventilation,   innovative solutions should be
          or customer-specific specialised   air-conditioning and refrigeration   available to the market at large
          solutions for large-volume       technology, automotive industry,   to enable them to increase their
          production; they are also able   wind power plants, and mechanical   production in everything that they
          to develop custom solutions to   engineering equipment industry.    do,” concludes Friedmann.
          customers who require something   A wide variety of monitoring and
          a little unique. Products from   control functions enable customer   ebm-papst products are available
          ebm-papst are of high quality and   orientated, and demand orientated   at their South African branches,
          certified according to international   fan operation. Smart, distinct, and   namely; Johannesburg, Cape
          standards. With over 15 000      efficient is the only way to describe   Town, Port Elizabeth and, Durban.
          different products, they have a   the fans.                         To locate your nearest wholesaler
          solution to any problem.                                            contact ebm-papst, South Africa, by
                                           Motors and drive systems           visiting their website on https://www.
          Moreover, they have technical    This is a range of motors that are, or email them
          support with a response time being   suitable for all applications; they   on or give
          24 hours, project engineers come   have systems solutions, which    them a call on 021 555 4547 (CPT),
          onsite and attend to any issues that  include a gearbox, brake, and   011 7943434 (JHB) or 031 5691963
          may arise.                       speed sensors. These motors have   (KZN).
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