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Cost-effectiveness and sustainability, economy and ecology   climate-neutral Smart Store. Get a firsthand impression of
         Refrigeration &                       – so happy together in the Refrigeration & Energy Manage-  how investments in energy efficiency pay off. How efficient
         Energy Management                     ment Dimension at EuroShop 2020. Digital transformation   the refrigeration units of the future will be. How a new, better
                                               and facility automation, IoT and AI, efficiency and attractive
                                                                                 shopping climate can be created – inside and outside. And in
                                               presentation – they all complement each other to enable the   the minds of your customers.

      Revolutions are in progress

      Every day we are bombarded with slogans about ecology,
      digitalization, and change. Small and big revolutions are
      in progress. The legislation is enforcing strict rules on
      energy efficiency and promotes eco-friendly products.

              eanwhile, every human   for the 2.5 meters Garmo module
              every day needs to eat   is around 8 kWh per day, while it
     M something  nutritious,     has a Total Display Area of 3.91 m .
      prepared from the fresh produce.   One might think that the per-
        How to place the word fresh   formance of the unit might be
      among revolutionary slogans? How   compromised. This device meets
      can we find a compromise between   rigorous temperature requirements
      the basic needs and ecological   by keeping the product in the M1
      changes happening right now?  class regime. No compromises.   are not threatening the Garmo.  •   Effective airflow dynamics with
        All  you need to do  is to  put   It works in the 3rd climate class.   GARMO is loved by storekeepers   energy-saving fans;
      the fresh produce in the GARMO   That means guaranteed perfor-  as it is practically noiseless.  •   Neutral shape, transparent
      multideck. It combines technolog-  mance with ambient temperature   On top of it, it is an aesthetic   door, and panoramic sidewalls
      ical and ecological revolution with   as high as 25°C @ 60% humidity.  frame  for fresh product exposi-  complement the whole design.
      basic human needs. Many years of   Furthermore, it uses an eco-  tion with its High Vision door.
      experience and tests have led to   logical refrigerant with a GWP   Merchandise displayed in it is the
      this achievement.           index equal to 3. This makes it   main subject.           For full product range, please
        GARMO is currently the ally to   a  reasonable choice, as there are   Available modules range from   contact our partner in Africa.
      merchandising and maintenance   no plans to withdraw this refrig-  1250 to 3750 mm. Features include:
      departments.                erant in any market in the world.   •   NO DEFROST – there is no   Multilayer Trading 867 (PTY) Ltd.
        Why? It can be installed in the   Modern, hydrocarbon refrigeration   classic defrost cycle required;   The Olive Grove Industrial Park
      store at any time. It is a self-con-  system based on R600 refrigerant-   •   Finless condenser make the   Unit B11, B14 & B15
      tained unit.                ecological, efficient, easy to use.   unit easy to maintain as there   Ou Paardevlei Road
        The internal capacity of this   Unit is equipped with an inverter   is no need for cleaning.   The Interchange, Somerset West
      multideck  is  typical  to  market   compressor for better control and   •   FLOWsystem ready – easily   + 27 (0) 851-9616
      size  equipment,  but  the  energy   energy efficiency.    adaptable to JBG2’s water loop
      consumption is one of the lowest   The refrigerant withdrawals   solution.
      in its class.               and limitations that are being   •   Automatic condensate evapo-
        The average energy consumption   implemented in different markets    ration;

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