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Refrigeration/ supplement  Cold-room manufacturer offers
      Air conditioning

         specialised cold room solutions

          Mmanakedi Bokaba
                    With so many different options when it comes to insulated panel solutions for cold stores,
                   how does one choose the right system for each project? It will obviously depend on the type
                                of product being stored, but there are also other considerations.

              n cases where there isn’t a
              plausible solution for one’s
              business needs, customised
              solutions may be necessary.
          ICold-room manufacturer
          Panel World gives their customers
          high quality customised insulated
          panel solutions that meet their
                                                Machinery that is used in the Panel         Panel World employees hard
          They specialise in designing,                World warehouse                       at work in the warehouse
          manufacturing and installing cold
          rooms, hygiene preparation areas,   South Africa; Hy-Line and Eagle’s   Hemisphere that uses vacuum
          freezer rooms, cold stores, as well   Pride Hatchers.                assistance and cyclopentane as
          as specialised rooms and chicken                                     blowing agent in the manufacturing
          houses. Panel World currently     Panel World pride themselves on    of polyurethane panels. Panel
          service butcheries, abattoirs,    giving their customers the best    World received a grant from the
          poultry farms, and retail stores, and   possible service; they work closely   United Nations (UNIDO) to install
          also manufacture high care and    with their customers to ensure     the ozone friendly manufacturing
          food preparations areas such as   they meet their requirements and   plant. The technology that is used
          incubators all over Southern Africa.   are able to save them both time   to manufacture house fridges is the
                                            and money. After customers have    same technology that Panel World
          In addition, Panel World not only   requested a quote, an appointment   uses to manufacture the large cold
          extends their service to the South   can be scheduled with the owner   rooms and freezer rooms.
          African market, they also work    to do a site visit and assist in the
          across the SADC region and across   planning process and technical   “The main reason why our
          Africa. Their focus is on Southern   advice.                         customers choose us, again and
          Africa where they have worked with                                   again, is that we respect their
          Pepsi Zambia and Pepsi Zimbabwe,   Further, after sales service is a   timelines, we work thoroughly
          however they have also exported   high priority at Panel World, with   and professionally to make sure
          products to Qatar, Seychelles,    a focus on fast, efficient solutions   that no time is lost in the process.
          Mauritius, Madagascar, and many   to any problems that may occur.    We understand how stressful it
          more African countries.           “Depending on the severity of the   can be to open a new store, so
                                            issue at hand, we can have it sorted   we endeavour to make sure our
          Roots Butchery, Meat World,       out within five to ten days,” explains   projects are completed within the
          Liquor City, and Econo Foods are   Panel World Manager Kobus Muller.   specified time,” concludes Muller.
          just four of the largest customers
          Panel World currently works       A technician will also be sent along   For more information on Panel
          with, they have also worked with   with the replacement parts to make   World and their insulated panel
          supermarkets such as Checkers,    the repairs.                       solutions visit their website on
          Spar, Pick n Pay and OK Grocer. In                         , email them
          addition, Panel World has worked   Moreover, Panel World is the only   on or call
          on two of the major hatcheries in   manufacturer in the Southern     0861 11 26 00.
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