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Refrigeration/ supplement  Serco supplying trucks for
      Air conditioning

                  Super Group Convenience fleet


                         Super Group Convenience (SGC) has chosen Serco as its preferred supplier for
                          an ongoing vehicle fleet replacement project. As at the end of 2019 Serco had
                          delivered 40 of the refrigerated units with more to be finalised during 2020.

                     GC, a division of
                     the Super Group,
                     is the largest
                     national distributor
          Sin the convenience
          distribution marketing sector in
          South Africa, supplying more than
          23 000 outlets throughout the
          country. The company offers a
          service specialising in centralised
          warehousing for FMCG goods and
          their transport.

          SGC transports goods in all three
          defined temperatures i.e. frozen,
          chilled and ambient.
                                                  Super Group Convenience’s new refrigerated truck which has been on the road since
          Technical Sales Representative         January 2020. To date Serco has delivered 40 of the refrigerated units with more to be
                                                                           finalised this year
          at Serco’s office in Johannesburg
          Coriné Opperman said half of the
          vehicles delivered were Protec
                                            National Supply Chain Executive    us with timely and efficient solutions
          Steel manufactured units and the
                                            for SGC Etienne Bezuidenhout said   made our decision so easy.
          remainder were GRP fibreglass.
                                            his company decided on extensive
                                            replacements for its 177-strong fleet   “Serco have become trusted and
                                            early in 2017.                     valued partners since negotiations
                                                                               began in 2017 and we look forward
                                            “Our goal was to get refrigerated   to a happy and long-lasting
                                            vehicles which maximise volume,    relationship with them,” added
                Our goal was to             minimise tare weight and have      Bezuidenhout.
                 get refrigerated           three temperature-controlled
                 vehicles which             areas,” said Bezuidenhout. “We met   “Good thermal performance of
                    maximise                with a variety of truck and trailer   refrigerated vehicles is vital in the
                                                                               transport of perishable products as
                                            manufacturers in South Africa and
                     volume,                after carefully considering options   any break in the chain can lead to a
                 minimise tare              available to us we chose Serco.    loss in quality and possible rejection
                   weight and                                                  by customers and end-users”.
                   have three               “Deciding factors for the choice
                  temperature-              were in-depth product knowledge,   “Serco are proud to be the preferred
                                                                               supplier for SG Convenience and
                                            awareness of our requirements,
                controlled areas            quality products and a price within   are well placed to support the
                                            our budget. To be honest, Coriné   vehicles which are operating at
                                            Opperman’s enthusiasm for the      various depots around the country”,
                                            product and dedication to providing   said Clinton Holcroft, CEO of Serco.
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