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                                                                                        Bathic Holdings
                                    he South African                              South African publishing partner
                               economy is worse off than                          − SA Media and Digital Holdings
                              20 years ago according to
                             President Cyril Ramaphosa.
                                                                                      Operations Manager:perations Manager:
                               He went on to add that
                                                                                       Sofwaan Mohamed,
                             disinvestment in the country
                               has shown low investor
                              confidence in the country,
                                                                                            Editor: itor:
                    something that needs to be urgently                                     Ed
                                rectified.                                           Erin Steenhoff-Snethlage,
                    He also discussed the energy situation
                   in South Africa and how load shedding
                                                                                      Graphic Design/DTP:raphic Design/DTP:
                   has had a negative impact on various
                                                                                       1. Faith Sejosengwe
                   industry including manufacturing and
                 industry. In an effort to stem these losses,                        2. Pendulwa Mancotywa
                   Ramaphosa has confirmed that mines
                   and private companies will be able to                                 K
                                                                                         Key Accounts: ey Accounts:
                   generate their own electricity over the
                                                                                         Kyle Burgess,
                 longstanding 1MW limit. Municipalities will
                  also be able to buy their own electricity
                  from Independent Power Producers and
                  government is seeking to add additional                                 Accounts:ccounts:
                 electricity productions methods to the grid                           Devashnee Permal,
                     to bring an end to load shedding.                    

                    Only time will tell if these interventions
                 will make a difference and have a positive
                         impact on the economy.
                                                                                   Six weeks prior to publication
                   In this Issue of Retailing SA, we look at
                 the evolution of HR, online retail trends for                            Advertising
                 2020, and the importance of a clean back                          Four weeks prior to publication
                                of house.

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