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           Retail no longer has a “one-size-fits-all”

                                 - get to know Gen Z

                   We all know change is inevitable, and the retail industry is also evolving. Technology has
                    added so many factors to consider from marketing and social media to online shopping.
                    Retailers need to always stay ahead of the changes. So, what does this mean? Well, know
                     your market, of course… focus has been turned to Generation Z, the future consumers.

                     quick rundown of the past. So, we are all   popularity of certain products can be made visible
                     familiar with the “Millennials”, known as   through real-time visualisation and automatically
                     Generation Y. Born between 1980 and      generated statistics.
                     1994, the oldest Gen Y will turn 39 this
          A year and the youngest 25 and soon will no         Facial Collection and Recognition
          longer be seen as the youth. They will now have to give   SecuVue is a universal facial recognition technology
          way to the new youth generation Gen Z (born between   which brings an unprecedented
          1995 - 2009).                                       number of facial recognition and biometric features into
                                                              a ready-to-deploy solution.
          Why is this important? Well, with estimation of
          representing the largest group of consumers by 2030   Gender, emotions and estimated age
          around the world and already having a significant   SecuVue correctly identifies gender and emotions, and
          influence on household spend.                       estimated age.

          Gen Z in SA represents around 26% of the population.   Leveraging our unique facial recognition algorithm,
          They need to be recognised and taken into account   SecuVue dramatically shortens the time-to-market for
          in the retail market as they will account for a dominant   complex security and surveillance solutions.
          share of the spending in 2020.
                                                              Multiple IP Camera Channels
          How does SecuVue come to play in all of the above?   SecuVue can handle and manage several camera
          As a product manufactured locally in South Africa by   streams per server without compromising speed or
          Secutel Technologies Pty Ltd, SecuVue can give you   accuracy. It is designed to manage exceptions but
          the advantage of knowing your consumer on a daily   also caters for continuous streaming for real-time
          basis. Giving you the intel to see areas you as the   surveillance.
          retailer might be falling short in or even areas that are
          working, keeping you ahead of the masses.           You no longer need to invest in high-end cameras in
                                                              order to do these video analytics; the SecuVue platform
          How does it work? Here are only some of the features   enables standard cameras to have access to these and
          when installed in your retail store you can use to know   other analytics.
          what is happening in your store, and you can use this
          not only for security purposes but also to set your   Retailers need to up their game. Being innovative,
          marketing plan in motion and adjust your business plan.  looking at emerging trends and implementing
                                                              them will now be more important than ever before.
          SecuVue offers:                                     Understanding the consumer, is going to go a long way
          People Counting                                     in determining what can and can’t work in the market.
          As soon as a person has passed a virtually definable   The increasing importance of Gen Z as a consumer
          area or line, it will automatically be counted. The   cannot be overlooked.
          counting is performed directionally (Two directions
          per line). Counting lines can be formed and oriented   Shopping centres will most definitely benefit from the
          individually thus enabling not only the counting in   SecuVue retail solution whether it is from a marketing or
          passages but also for areas.                        security point of view.

          Activity Heatmaps                                   For more information contact Secutel Technologies.
          To make optimal use of available sales or exhibition   T: 010 015 1401 | E: | www.secutel.
          areas, frequently used paths or areas as well as the
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