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                                                                                          P PUBLISHER:UBLISHER:
                                                                                        Bathic Holdings
                                 he spread of COVID-19                            South African publishing partner
                                 worldwide is having a                            − SA Media and Digital Holdings
                                 significant impact on
                               shopper behaviour and
                                                                                      Operations Manager:perations Manager:
                              trends in a relatively short
                                                                                       Sofwaan Mohamed,
                               among of time. Some of
                               the trends overseas are
                              slowly filtering into South
                 Africa as more cases are announced and                                     Editor: itor:
                      consumers start panic buying.                                  Erin Steenhoff-Snethlage,
                    One of the major trends currently seen
                    in America, the UK and Italy include
                                                                                      Graphic Design/DTP:raphic Design/DTP:
                 stockpiling hygiene products and immune
                                                                                       1. Faith Sejosengwe
                   support supplements. This trend has
                  already impacted South African retailers                           2. Pendulwa Mancotywa
                  with stock of hand sanitiser and immune
                    boosters being brought faster than                                   K
                                                                                         Key Accounts: ey Accounts:
                    retailers can restock in many cases.
                                                                                         Kyle Burgess,
                 Another trend that has taken off in the UK
                  and Italy is stockpiling food, specifically
                       shelf stable and frozen foods.
                                                                                         Key Accounts: ey Accounts:
                   While these trends are gathering steam                               Debbie Moore,
                 overseas, South African retailers can use                 
                 them as a blueprint for how South African
                  consumers will potentially react as more
                          cases are announced.
                                                                                       Devashnee Permal,
                     In this Issue of Retailing SA we look
                  at the importance of loyalty programmes,
                  POS trends and how to keep shops free                                   DE
                                of pests.                                                  Editorial
                                                                                   Six weeks prior to publication

                                                                                   Four weeks prior to publication

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