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                         5.7” Bezel-less display                        Quick charge
                         5.7” high defini�on display + ultra sensi�ve touch   DT50 is always ready by mee�ng the latest QC 4.0
                         panel provide users with excep�onal experience,   requirement. It charges from empty to 50% in barely
                         even when working under sunlight, with gloves, or   30 minutes and thus achieves unprecedented duty
                         with wet fingers.                               cycle.
                         Superior performance                           Rugged and durable design
                         Andndroid 9.0, GMS cer�fied. Advance Octacore   D Drop it, abuse it, and DT50 is s�ll the trusted and
            DT50         architecture boosts performance while greatly red-  reliable companion in the extremely demanding work
          STANDARD       uces power consump�on. Ideal for working with   environment. The DT50 is drop tested at 1.5m and has
                         demanding applica�on and long hours.           IP67 ra�ng.

                         DT50G (Volumetric measurement)                 High-Precision percep�on
                         By using the latest structured-light 3D technology,   Without covering mul�ple sides, 3D images and point
                         DT50G can acquire 3D point cloud data and images of   cloud data can be generated on shoo�ng one side of
                         an item from any angle, and then measure the width   the object, plus be captured and measured in high
                         and length of the item for volume calcula�on.  precision. Even under bright light, the
                                                                        measurement is equally stable with an error rate of no
                         Structured-Light 3D technology                 more than 3%
                         The chip of high-phe chip of high-precision sensing and informa�on
           DT50G         interac�ng, and advanced visual algorithms make it   Good user experience
         VOLUMETRIC      receive and process depth image data in real �me so   Even randomly placed irregular items can be taken
       MEASUREMENT       as to extract volume data immediately.         from any angle and accurate data is generated within
                                                                        1 second.

                         DT50P can easily adapt to various harsh mobile   Barcode iden�fica�on + UHF
                         applica�on scenarios including automobile      Equipped with high-performance scan head, beside
                         manufacturing, powerline patrol inspec�on,     UHF(Op�onal Model) scanning, it also supports
                         management of shipping containers and clothes   1D/2D barcode scanning.
                                                                        Mid-to-high end pla�orm host configura�on
                                                                        Qualualcomm octa-core high performance processor
                         Aggrega�ve iden�fica�on technology              Q
                         S Support aupport aggrega�on inden�fica�on technology,   equipped with the newest Android system, it’s
         DT50P (UHF)     reduce or mi�gate the shielding blind spot or   excellent system-level compu�ng capacity can support
    ULTRA HIGH FREQUENCY  superposed blind spot, can iden�fy all highly   mul�-tasking efficiently.
   RFID MOBILE COMPUTER  concentrated labels quickly and correctly.

                         DT50-A2 Biometric (Fingerprint version)        MDM system overview
                         Op�cal Sensor - FBI PIV and FBI Mobile ID FAP20   A Agent management pla�orm is provided for direct
                         cer�ficates. It captures high-quality fingerprint  agent to use. Agents can invite their customers to
                         images, dis�nguishes fake fingerprints made from   register account for their applica�on issuance and
                         various materials assuring highest security.   device management. Agents can upload applica�ons,
                         Free MDM                                       and can be found in the U-store without being subject
                                                                        to internal revives by Uhome pla�orm. Its main
                         Agent management pla�orm is a pla�orm designed   func�on includes applica�on management,
                         for agents to manage equipment, which provides a   management of devices by batch, equipment monitor
           DT50-A2       one-stop solu�on for equipment management,     and account management.
          BIOMETRIC      applica�on management and business tenant

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                   DCI Scanning is an Auto ID UROVO distributor + repair centre for Southern Africa.
                                                            5                               Our passion is everything Auto ID
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