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                           OVID-19 has played havoc on South                              P PUBLISHER:UBLISHER:
                        Africa’s economy, leading to job losses
                       and tightened budgets all round. With an                         Bathic Holdings
                                 estimated 20 000 permanent                       South African publishing partner
                                  employees being retrenched                      − SA Media and Digital Holdings
                                 according to SARS, and many
                                   more employees earning                             Operations Manager:perations Manager:
                                 reduced salaries, consumer                               Jade Naidoo
                               shopping behaviour has been
                             drastically altered,                            

                                                                                            Editor: itor:
                  With lockdown slowly being lifted in stages, life                         Ed
                is slowly returning to a new normal that includes                    Erin Steenhoff-Snethlage,
               social distancing measures, increased numbers of            
               people working from home and a greater focus on
               health and hygiene standards and practices. These                      Graphic Design/DTP:raphic Design/DTP:
                changes have forced retailers to make significant
                         changes to their operations.                                  1. Faith Sejosengwe
                                                                                     2. Pendulwa Mancotywa
                    In addition, the economy faces recession
                   and many people focusing on trying to cut                             K
                                                                                         Key Accounts: ey Accounts:
                 costs presenting further challenges to retailers.                       Kyle Burgess,
               Consumers are changing what they are buying and              
                 how much they are buying at an extreme pace.
               With no modelling to predict consumer behaviour,
                                                                                         Key Accounts: ey Accounts:
                retailers have had to react as quickly as possible                       K
                 to meet consumer demands. One bright spot,                             Debbie Moore,
                 however, is e-commerce and online shopping.               
                 Many consumers are turning to online for safe,
                 convenient shopping and it is one way to boost                           Accounts:ccounts:
                                                                                       Devashnee Permal,
                      In this issue of Retailing SA we look at
               MACmobile partners with Cognizance Processing
               to deliver the last mile of supply chain intelligence,                     DE
               Ctrack launches improved on the road solution and                           Editorial
                Range of loyalty programmes reflects the rise of                   Six weeks prior to publication

                                                                                   Four weeks prior to publication

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